Endo…My Journey with Endometriosis

About living with endometriosis: treatments, opinions and life in general

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Well, I have been trying to be strong about this and see this tratment through to the end.. But I’m not sure if I can. I know that with all medications there are side effects, but I am not sure if the side effects are worth it. The past week, I have had unbearable recurring headaches as well as extreme fatigue and mucle/joint pain. Any little bit of exertion (talking on the phone, holding my purse, writing or even typing) wear me out so fast. I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. I haven’t done more than wash a few loads of clothes out of necessity. The pain of the endo is bad, but I am still having pain plus all of these other side effects. I have an appointment with my Dr. set up for 7/10 (looks like I will be in misery for yet another holiday). I guess I will make up my mind then.


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