Endo…My Journey with Endometriosis

About living with endometriosis: treatments, opinions and life in general

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I know I have slacked off on posting here..mostly due to being so tired!! I went to my doc for a consult on 7/10/14. He basically wants me to take one more Lupron injection to see if I get any good results- if I don’t then he feels like I am justified in looking into excision surgery. But… I am not going to take that shot. I talked to the Center for Endometriosis Care (CEC) after talking to a few girls who are saying they have gotten their life back after having excision surgery with Dr. Ken Sinervo. Dr. Sinervo suggested I do not take the Lupron shot as he wants his patients off of it 2-3 months prior to surgery so that he can see all of the endometriosis implants to remove them. (In fact, he said that he would probably want me on estrogen a month before surgery to make it all come out). Plus, the Lupron has killed my short term memory, energy, my hair is falling out, I get bone and muscle pain, hot flashes and extremely irritable.. and the FATIGUE!! My doc also added Elavil to my daily regimine which has added to the fatigue.

I go on the 24th for a second opinion with a Dr. a friend of mine sees (she has endometriosis as well). I feel good about this since they are only a gynecology practice- they don’t do babies. I hope this will avoid any pressure to get pregnant. I have a hard time impressing upon the doctors that I do not want children and that I am not going to live my life in pain around the chance of maybe one day I will want them. I don’t and I won’t.

I am waiting on records from my doctor to finish my information packet to send to the CEC for a free consultation. I just want to get back to normal and I don’t know why these doctors can’t understand that!


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